What does faith look like in our forties?

From the back cover:

This book is about integrating life and faith and the journey I am on as I attempt to do just that. I think about life and death and everything in between. Everything in between includes relationships, money, career, parenting, renovating, and all the things in between. But I also believe that I am a spiritual being. I believe that I am made up of body, spirit, soul.

I want to develop a deeper spiritual life in my context: as a lawyer, a husband, a parent, a mortgage holder, a son, a friend, a colleague, a business owner – how does faith translate into each context. And so, I wrote this book for people in their forties, but really the title is misleading – this book is for anyone interested in living a more integrated life.

Simon Greening

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About the author, Simon Greening

Simon is married to Lisa with three kids in tow. He lives with his family in Auckland, New Zealand.

By day, Simon is the founder and director of Watermark Employment Law, a specialist employment law practice based in Auckland.

By night, Simon is a husband, Dad, son and friend (philosopher…and observer of human nature).

Faith After Forty is a book written about bringing the day and night together. It is based on Simon’s reflections as a 40-something-year-old, navigating life as a follower of Jesus and everyday steps seeking to integrate faith with real life.